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Serpa BMW’s “Respect, Trust, Enjoy” takes hold in Newmarket/Aurora for the long-term

Frank Serpa, dealer principal of the Serpa Automotive Group, is now celebrating almost three years operating his Newmarket/Aurora dealerships Serpa BMW.

Reflecting on the success he’s achieved in transforming the BMW retailer after acquiring Open Road BMW in April 2012, he commented, “I am truly enjoying the BMW world. I plan on spending the next 25 years selling and servicing BMW autos. Then I will pass the torch to my sons Adriano and Stefano; it’s our intention to keep this fantastic brand, respected the world over, in our family forever.” Stefano already works in the dealership as the General Sales Manager and Adriano was called to the BAR in May 2014. In addition to the BMW brands, the Serpa Automotive Group also includes Avante Mazda in Richmond Hill, launched on October 27, 1995. It’s one of the “Original Six” GTA Mazda dealers and one of its most respected. At some point, other notable brands may be added to the Serpa Group.

Serpa’s impact on the Newmarket/Aurora communities has been considerable. Serpa BMW is known as the dealership that’s always there for those in need, supporting charitable golf tournaments, fundraising for hospitals and other events that make a difference to the quality of life in the community. The mix of autos at Serpa has changed significantly, too. In addition to the most sought after, popular 1, 3, 5, 6 and 7-series (and the new 2 and 4 series) and the X models—1,3,4,5 and 6. Now as of Jan. 1, 2015, Serpa BMW has been named an M-certified Centre of Excellence, which means that we will be greatly expanding our involvement with the coveted M Brand. (See news announcement).

Serpa remains proud of his roots, although he operates in the somewhat rarified atmosphere of BMW, the world’s finest automobile brand. In an ascent that rarely occurs anymore, Frank Serpa rose from car cleaner and mechanic to dealer principal. Raised in a traditional family in the old College St. Italian neighbourhood, Frank absorbed the need to continue those same family values in business.

With an interest in cars beginning at a very young age, he started out truly at the bottom. He became an apprentice technician, earned an interprovincial mechanic's license and decided to work his way up.

He then organized car deliveries in a Honda dealer, worked as a service advisor in the parts department, then Sales Associate, and Assistant Manager. For his efforts, Honda awarded him a Sales Master title, and went on to become Avante Mazda’s dealer principal. Then in 2012, he acquired the first BMW dealership to change hands in more than a decade, a very big event in the auto world. It was quite an accomplishment, even more so for a kid from College St.

Serpa vowed to bring his unique brand of customer connection to Newmarket, which is exemplified in the motto “Respect, Trust, Enjoy.” This means a transparent buying experience that results in customers enjoying the transaction so much that they will refer friends and closest family to the dealership.

Rosanna Serpa has been by Frank’s side during his entire automotive adventure, which was not always easy, especially in their early days. They met at the age of 18; Frank saw her from a distance and was determined get to know Rosanna. They celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary in 2014, a very spiritual number for both.

“There was just something special and different about Frank,” Rosanna said. “It was there from a young age and he kept building on it year after year. He came very far but I knew it would happen from day one.” Rosanna is also an entrepreneur in her own right, operating the luxurious hair salon, Disegno, in Toronto’s stylish Forest Hill Village.

“With Frank, no means no and yes means yes,” she added. “In our family, with our two sons, and with his clients, it’s the same.” Rosanna explained that Frank is a “determined perfectionist and an excellent motivator with a million-dollar smile.” People “trust him and like him. They know he works very hard and is an honest man.”

“Knowing my family will be with BMW for the long term is a great feeling,” Serpa concluded.

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