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Snapper Rocks Blue Metallic/2017 X5 M Performance in the showroom

Thought you’d like to see some of the incredible BMWs that have arrived in our showroom recently.

4 Series

Now available in the LCI 2018 4 series, the gorgeous new blue metallic is named after a small rocky outcrop on the northern side of Point Danger at the southern end of Rainbow Bay on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Stay tuned for more photos of this beautiful vehicle. We can’t wait for new owners to lay their eyes on it!

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In X5 country, this mean 2017 X5 with M Performance II hit the streets yesterday. Space grey is a perfect match for the carbon fibre accessories! Also featured are the 21″ M accessory rims.




‘Hero of the Month’ Tim McClure ready to drive Serpa BMW 440xi with M Carbon fibre

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Tim McClure picked up a 2018 440xi coupe, with a manual transmission, all options and full M Series carbon fibre accessories, ably assisted by Mat Cacciatore. Tim was an old friend of the dealership as he was previously a Serpa BMW and Snap Newmarket Hero of the Month about his activities in starting a foundation assisting people who faced a life-threatening illness as he did. So when he wrote us to say “Stefano, Mathew Cacciatore and the entire Serpa BMW team have been outstanding!” we were so pleased. He added that “the service, the experience, and the people have made everything truly enjoyable.”  Tim reminded us that we had had a “an important role in his journey – from overcoming Stage 4 cancer to receiving the Serpa BMW Award Hero of the Month award.” But now he was picking up “this incredible BMW 440xi coupe.” “Life is meant to be lived,” Tim commented. “My great friend, Hugh Johnson said it best: ‘Gas tanks were meant to be emptied. Let’er rip!’ I plan on doing just that, Tim said.

An M2 lands, and one lucky client got it


Snow, rain, sun, hot or cold, you never know when your M2 will land due to waiting lists and unconfirmed allocation, but yesterday one of of lucky clients picked up their beautiful 2017 M2 in Long Beach blue. It’s a beauty

We were lucky it wasn’t snowing, as into winter storage it went!Calling the M2, the ‘best M car in a generation, here’s how the Globe and Mail described the experience of driving one: “The Corkscrew corner at Laguna Seca is one of the scariest corners in all of motorsport, a blind S-bend that plunges down several stories. It feels like driving off a cliff.

But with each lap, the M2 just wants to go faster. It’s telling you through the steering that the front wheels could turn in harder, and you could get on the power even sooner.”

Introducing the 2017 540xi M Performance


Have you ever seen a BMW like it? Soon to arrive at Serpa BMW.

2017 540xi with M Performance parts is menacing.

Its most striking design changes at the front are the black kidney grille and the splitter attachment for the front apron, as well as the two outer air inlets additionally decorated with carbon attachments. And that 540i engine –delivers 335 HP and 332 lb-ft of torque!
Officially time to get excited! Don’t you agree!