Lawrie comments on buying a 2016 328xi GT from Serpa BMW

When we deliver a BMW, we always follow up afterwards to see how it’s going. Our customer Lawrie received the email and replied, “Thanks so much for your email and good wishes on the new car. So far so good.”

He also praised our staff, saying they “were great,” adding that they were “very friendly, and knowledgeable” and made him “feel good about the experience of buying the car” from us.

“There is a bit more technology in this car than my last so I am not sure where the various levers or buttons are placed in the car,” he also said. “I will do my best to figure it out but if not, I will be in touch.” We look forward to that!

Finally, he told us that his 2016 328xi GT with Glacier Silver Metallic exterior and Oyster Leather” was “beautiful – the colour especially!!”

Thanks, Lawrie. We are very happy you enjoyed meeting Stefano Serpa and your experience with us.