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Who knows your car better than someone who has worked on it?

Our service manager began as a technician; when he talks about working on your car, he's done the work already and understands exactly what you need. Whether it's a matter of scheduled maintenance or an unexpected repair, let people who love BMWs as much as you do work on your auto.

Our motto of trust, respect, enjoy also applies in service and parts; we want you to believe what we say because we say what we mean. Every one in need of a loaner drives away with a BMW; that's Serpa BMW service!

Alignment and balance tires

Alignment and balance winter tires - $299.95 +HST . Check suspension and perform an all-wheel computerized alignment, balance and install winter tires already on rims. This ensures maximum tire life and peace of mind motoring for the winter season.This is an important but often overlooked safety checkup, especially when drivers want precise, responsive motoring.

Serpa BMW Fleet


The BMW Corporate Fleet Sales Programs.

The BMW Corporate Fleet Sales Programs offers unparalleled value and choice for all levels within your organization. Choose the program best suited to your organization or individual needs.The BMW Level One™ Corporate Fleet program offers national incentives for company owned or managed vehicles.The BMW Level Two™ Corporate Fleet program offers national incentives for car allowance employees.

BMW No Charge Scheduled Maintenance (4yr/80,000km)

-BMW EfficientDynamics

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